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Through The Glass Darkly

Wham! Bam! Poetry Slam!


Snite Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana

I recently went to my first poetry slam.  It was held at the Snite Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana.  I froze and it was completely awkward, and yes, very uncomfortable, but I did see and meet some incredibly talented artists.  Here are some of the videos that came out of that event.  Thankfully none are me freezing like a deer in the headlights, they are all awesome.  I look forward to the next slam, and I have been told it is being planned right now.

Cherri Peate

Lonnie Ray Atkinson

Billy Easton

Jake Webster


Andrew Jackson

Why is it so hard for a writer to write a bio? When I wrote “Oh you know me,” that was me procrastinating writing about me until I thought of something to write.  I still have not.  I thought I will wait until I have some great accomplishment to write about.  I still have not.  …

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