You’ve lost your memory
And you say the sea buries
Your dead
Your memory’s

Your last thoughts
The redemption
The joy that passes understanding
Stolen moments

And every 7 days
The world reinvented
And you take it literally I suppose
Because who has a heart as generous and pliable as the sea

God and man
Floating in a sea of transgression
And only you figured it all out

Time to move on


We were like soldiers
Marching on
It is time to move on now
On and on and on and on
Night after night
nightmares of Rome
Burning around us
As we moved on
On and on and on and on
Until someone remembered
What we were fighting for
And we moved on
We were friends whose paths crossed
And disappeared in silence
We were poems I never understood
We loved being pretentious
I never really told you how fake I felt
I just wanted the world to be about more than this
I wanted us to be about more than
Images on canvas
Beautiful nonsense
I will remember you as
An acquaintance
That moved away