Through The Glass Darkly

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am Reblogging one poet I find amazing every day. As a matter of fact, I stole the idea of Reblogging from this blogger, and because of this, I have discovered allot of other fantastic writers. Sahm Ataine King is a poet, aspiring novelist, and a graphic designer. There is allot going on here. I have not even scratched the surface, but I have seen enough to know I will be looking around allot more. This senyru asks the question, Who is he? with a morbid twist of 17 syllables. So check it out, if you dare.
Betty G

2 thoughts on “Through the Void by Sahm King

  1. Sahm King says:

    Betty, thank you very, very much for the reblog! :) And thank you for the blurb! :) There’s not really much to my blog, though. Just a lot of nonsense and rants and stuff.


    1. I love rants. Rants are cool. Like bowties : )


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