How to spot a Vampire: Lesson #1

NaPoWriMo Notebook

Lesson #1

A vampire can not see their own reflection.

They can only use yours,

which they will drink dry.

Your laugh,

your sense of humor,

your humility,

your hope,

and before you know it,

it will all be gone.

A vampire will mirror you

and you will actually think you have met your soul mate,

but that was actually just your soul leaving your body,

dancing away right in front of you.

Next thing you know

You are gone

And when they look at you in disgust,

they will forget that they are the reason there is nothing left of you.

They turned you into their image.

And when you look into the mirror

and see nothing

You will know

You just spotted a vampire.

27 thoughts on “How to spot a Vampire: Lesson #1

    1. Psychic vampires are real drags but eventually karma takes care of them. :)
      As you know, Sahm and I deleted our FB personal accounts, so it’s nice to see you more often on WP.


      1. Maybe that could work. I think we can throw in a lil’ bit of Dick van Dyke while we’re at it. The version of him as a chimney sweep with a bad British accent, though… Just for kicks…and because Mary Poppins was my favorite musical EVER!


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