Through The Glass Darkly

The Definitive Guide Step 1.  Put on “Kind of blue” by Miles Davis Step 2.  Enter a euphoric state induced by an irresponsibly excessive amount of grandiose hyperbole, bongos and Irish coffee. Step 3.  Rant frantically a confused discharge of sensations, emotions, and disallusions until you reach the pinnacle of rhetorical zen. Step 4.  Write the …

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To my inner critic I offer you this Rolling Rock As an offering To leave my poem alone until it’s finished Of course You may say A proper poet, Would give you scotch To that I must say Perhaps I will be a proper poet someday If you stop interrupting me

Because it is 12 am and I should be sleeping, but … I’m dissecting words Letting them drift through my memory Until they settle where I want them So I guess you never will get the last word

Part 1 The angry clouds stir for the storm Vents release And Explode I watch the thunder with awe What will be torn away? What will remain? In the wind twisting rotting limbs Empty buildings boarded up for the storm Ripped open and Left behind to be studied by anthropologist and poets I know what …

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