The cell

From inside

Looking out

Reaching through the bars to feel the grass

To see the sun

The wind blowing through the trees

So the world is spinning

The west wind is singing me to sleep


I’m awake

I’m awake

I’m awake

I should be watching the clock

The clock with hands

I never understood what it meant

To me it always meant wait


It meant too late

It always meant should have


It meant could have

I don’t  have clock hands

I have shadows

And the sleeping cat

And the wind through the trees

And the dream









I’m nobody too!

First snow

Sometimes she worried that someone would hear all those mutterings and mumblings she mumbled and muttered to herself

Knowing they were growing louder and louder

Somehow she couldn’t stop herself

And one day she just screamed…

But, it was okay


nobody was listening

and no one listens to them


*For Emily Dickinson