A Writer's Journal

Through The Glass Darkly

You’ve lost your memory And you say the sea buries Your dead Your memory’s Your last thoughts The redemption The joy that passes understanding Stolen moments Forgotten And every 7 days The world reinvented And you take it literally I suppose Because who has a heart as generous and pliable as the sea God and …

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Wham! Bam! Poetry Slam!


Snite Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana

I recently went to my first poetry slam.  It was held at the Snite Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana.  I froze and it was completely awkward, and yes, very uncomfortable, but I did see and meet some incredibly talented artists.  Here are some of the videos that came out of that event.  Thankfully none are me freezing like a deer in the headlights, they are all awesome.  I look forward to the next slam, and I have been told it is being planned right now.

Cherri Peate

Lonnie Ray Atkinson

Billy Easton

Jake Webster


Andrew Jackson