Day 43 Let’s write a stupid book

Day 43


Chapter 1

The retail workers confession

I am so sorry I offended you. I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to explain what I was trying to say. Which is not important. I do hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

(Because I need my stupid job.)








Day 42 Let’s write a stupid book

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Day 42 Let's write a stupid book #writerslife

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Day 42


Welcome to my stupid book!! As I am all too painfully aware,  most authors use their stories too tell important messages of the destruction in our world caused by greed, intolerance, pollution, war, and you know, all that crap. I wish I had an important message, but I don’t.  This book will be stupid, silly, misspelled, grammatically ridiculous and morally uniteligable as in lack of meaning. A pan galactic gargle blaster of the soul. I will not attempt to tell you anything meaningful because I’ve decided no one wants to really find meaning anymore. At least I don’t for the length of this book. So if your answer to the the proverbial question of , “Have you learned your lesson?” is, No thank you, I would rather not today.  Then you are in the right place.