Writing 101: day thirteen, Serial Killer Part II

1. The might you hide behind to be right
2. The dream you hide from yourself
3. The nightmare no one else hears
4. Believing everything is possible for everyone else
5. Unknown resistance
6. Morning lists
7. Here and now
8. Free will
9. None of the above

And then …

You had it all figured out, until it all fell apart
And you don’t even care
Stay in bed until noon
Skip the funeral for ice cream
It isn’t that bad

The trick is to disappear when no one is looking
It’s easy
Cover your eyes
And disappear

Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Was it just me or was it easier to take yourself to seriously in the 80’s?
Adults seemed to have no clue or I had no clue …
Whatever, I always found solace in music.
Even today as a grown up, music is still important. Who knew! In the 80’s it almost seemed like adults only turned on music in the car.
Commercial Radio! Urgh!
I don’t know how I lived before pandora.
Oh Yeah! Mix tapes!
because how many LP’s had 2 great songs and the rest, not so great.
mix tapes were cut in paste awesome!
Especially mix tapes made from CD’s from the library!
And that is how I rolled. Cheap.
In the dark days before Pandora and youtube, young people used to listen to two or three songs for every 10 minutes of adds on commercial radio, don’t even get me started on the obnoxious DJ’s who thought they were so cutting edge, gag me with a spoon, cool.
The mix tape was salvation.
Maybe back in the day, young men wrote sonnets, but in the 80’s they made their girlfriends mix tapes.
Ahhh! Those new romantic new wave years!
But I digress, the 80’s were to beautiful to last. I never had mad skillz with hairspray, or it melted in the Texas heat. Allot of 80’s songs didn’t hold up when the delirium of hairspray fog lifted, but I still miss that hiss of the needle hitting the vinyl.

Writing 101 – Day 2/A Room With A View

The light here has its own ambition
To light the world
And the hearts of men
But only in the day
Call it fickle
One day
A blazing glory
One day
Hiding behind every dark cloud
But I have learned to grasp the ever changing light
To rest in night
Whisper in shadows
And my view
Has slowed
As the light fades
Across the sky
Wisdom sings another chorus
Out of the blue
That song stuck in my head
I sit in the eagles nest
As the sky opens
And the shadows dance in the grand chasm below
A million years of stone layers split
To reveal my past lives
And I still wait