How I became a shark

NaPoWriMo Notebook

It was that dream where I find myself waking up staring strait into the sun, and I realize I am floating face up in an inner-tube in the middle of the sea.  Just as I realize where I am, I think, “how did I get here?  oh yea this is a dream” and I roll over to go back to sleep, tumbling into the sea.  As I sink, I don’t need to breath, I just sink.  As I am sinking I am torn to pieces by a giant shark, and the world goes dark.

When I open my eyes, I am swimming, and swimming.  I feel my powerful body.  I am strong and driven.  I swim and swim and never stop.

I am never going to find myself floating helplessly in the middle of the ocean again, I will never close my eyes again.

I am a shark.