Through The Glass Darkly

To the woman who asked “And What is your name?”
As if to tell me how angry she was

I get it
Your angry
Your cross to bear
Walking the earth as a goddess among mortals
With your coffee cup filled too high
As the brittle plastic lid cracks
Your perfect day of discount retail shopping
Everyone needs toilet paper,
Yours will be forever stained by this iniquity
This indignity
You will walk the earth forever
Opening and closing cabinets and drawers
Trying to remember
What you needed
As my angry ghost

5 thoughts on “And what is your name?

  1. Russ L says:

    Nice last line!


    1. Thank you :-)


  2. Heartafire says:

    some of these whacko’s out there amaze me.


    1. If she comes back I’m making her decaf :-P


      1. Heartafire says:

        if she comes back, pretend you aren’t home! lol!


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