Through The Glass Darkly

Listen to your poem until its voice appears like a streetlight against a night sky.
Let it sit like a Buddha in a garden, asking you to wonder by.
Ask your poem its sign, knowing it will be perfectly in tune.
Tell your poem its future, knowing It will find true love and travel soon.
Read your poem in the wind letting it fly from your sight.
Remember your poem by the light of candles as the flames dance through the night.
Read Read your poem until it finds root in your minds eye.
Speak Speak Speak your poem until it is felt in your sigh.
Introduce it to your parents until they understand.
Put it in a bottle and send it away from land, and rejoice when it returns to you in every open hand.
Celebrate your meeting like a friend you met at war, and keep a remnant with you as you face what is left in store.
Remember and remember
as days wind on and on,
and you may find it reminding you what you came here for.

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