Through The Glass Darkly


Absent mindedly
Her mind wanders
Across the years
In and out of memories
Regrets and aspirations

To the softest lips
She ever kissed
Just to remember
How easy she was to forget

She thought
It’s not just about the shapes
And curves that meet the eye,
But the inspirations
That meet the Minds eye

As millions of stars
across an infinite night sky

Some moments seem
To last forever

Forgetting the Dawn
As you fade into sleep

Millions of stars
Fading into a brand-new day

And waking from this dream

She remembers

The softest lips she ever kissed

And how easy she was to forget

One thought on “This Dream

  1. geezergirl1 says:

    I seem to be reading you poems back to front. Ha. As much as I have enjoyed/loved your bedroom window haiku, these last two that are longer, feel so representative of a time and place of deep feeling and letting go . Beautiful. thanks


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