Through The Glass Darkly

NaPoWriMo Notebook

How I Love your words!

Your fanciful, glowing, transcendent, effervescent words.

Pass the honey, wink words.

The I can’t breath without sighing, words,



singing in the rain words.

Pablo Neruda could not have asked the time more eloquently words.

and when you listen,


how I long for that too.

I can take on the world with words

and when you don’t

I …

have no words for that.

and I guess you don’t either


Betty G

7 thoughts on “Love Letter #2

  1. purple says:

    to all who still believe in the power of words … and who grieve their silence … wonderful poem Betty.


  2. Silence as a weapon has been on my mind lately. And as a white flag of surrender too. Nice poem. Thank you!


    1. yes I like that. I am stealing that idea. : ) thank you


  3. itycharles says:

    i have never underestimated the power of silence


    1. True, It does speak volumes.


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