Through The Glass Darkly

In honor of National Poetry month I have decided Re-blog one (or more) WordPress (or other) poets a day.  I am not very good with rules.  So with that in mind I would like to introduce you to Mother Bear.

I can’t help but be drawn to writers who rejoice in the everyday moments taken for granted, and deemed trivial, because these are the things that drive us. Deep down this is what it is about. The moments to remember in your old age and rejoice in, when in despair. So please check out this blogger and remember what it is all about.
Betty G

Mother Bear

Skills not mentioned on my LinkedIn profile:

Able to change a diaper while my daughter tries to crawl off changing table
expert at singing baby to sleep
can roar like a lion and quack like a duck
knowledge of 80+ ASL signs including milk, more, want
can type while breastfeeding
can survive months of sleep deprivation without hallucinating
possesses strength to carry baby and groceries and diaper bag up stairs
still remembers the quadratic formula, though not how to use it
able to give everything for love

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4 thoughts on “Skills Not Mentioned on my LinkedIn Profile

  1. elorayne says:

    Love it!!! And my daughter is crawling off the changing table too!! It requires so.much.patience. and skill, for sure!


    1. yes, and sometimes I need other people to remind me of that and celebrate the accomplishment or to work toward that goal.


  2. elorayne says:

    Absolutely! And my apologies for my mixed up response. I must have somehow been confused.( Sometimes nursing and responding to blogs isn’t the brightest move on my part. )

    And thank you for ‘liking’ some of my work! It means a great deal to me.


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