Love letter #1

NaPoWriMo Notebook

Your image never fades from my minds eye.….

Your silhouette, your smile, your awkward words made idealized.

Your strong hands calloused by holding your own heart too high.

It repeats like a scratch in my favorite song.

Imperfections only enhance your strength, and perception.

You learned to walk on broken shards that once was a beating heart.

You’ve learned what words to avoid and which to rinse, wash and repeat.

Because life is like that at times.

As the Moon always follows the Sun, I will follow you forever…

if only in my minds eye.

Betty G

15 thoughts on “Love letter #1

  1. Loved this Betty G.

    Whatever happened to giving a heart to another? And sad to not let go of this abuse, but why bother if the next is just another who walks in the previous one’s footsteps. Loves tragic course that does not have to be.

    Those in this story, I pray, find someone who will care more for another than for their own ego.

    be blessed friend,




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