Through The Glass Darkly



Grey sky shimmering

The light drains before the rain

Spring whispers I’m here


It’s Today! It’s Today!

Again. Yes until March 29, 2013 I am Free!

Free Betty Generic!

I just released my first poetry chapbook titled “and this happens:”

Today!  well it was Friday March 22, 2013.

So it was then, but now as we speak I am having a free giveaway.

It is now!  March 25 – 29, 2013


 It has been released exclusively as an e-book,

published by Apples and Pears Press.

So Please be Free with Me!

and share and Google and facebook and tweet me as well.

Thank you

I’ll be here all week!

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One thought on “Bedroom window #99

  1. Rick Stassi says:

    “…lights drains” Love that.
    I bought your book for free :)


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