Through The Glass Darkly

9 thoughts on “Bedroom window #75

  1. beautifuldreams42 says:

    I adore Haiku…this was lovely. So glad you found my blog so I can now enjoy yours!!


    1. Thank You. : )


  2. Definitely happening here on the West coast having days in the high 80’s I hope you warm up soon =)


    1. A little, still very cold.


  3. Alice Keys says:

    Spring is coming. I like this haiku.


    1. Thank you. : )


  4. debcorreia says:

    Haiku has been challenging for me, but they say read, read, read and write, write, write….so I will keep trying and in the meantime enjoy your blog and all that it offers. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It has been more challenging then I thought too, but I feel like I am finally finding my writers voice, which is really exciting. : )


      1. debcorreia says:

        That’s awesome! I’ll make more attempts and see what occurs.


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