30 thoughts on “Bio

  1. bg-
    I would love you to read my attempts at Haiku at: emanatingjoy.wordpress.com titled “Vignettes”. I am inspired to continue this writing art by your posts! God bless.


  2. I believe we can live happily ever after … We have to look beyond the horizon to a greater One. A wider perspective. All in between shall not hinder us from living in joy. I look forward to your book.


  3. THANK YOU for visiting and “Liking” Ron Dubour’s work at OUR POETRY CORNER…Isn’t he the best???? He and I technically still share that blog….but my style is different and I set up my own: BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD, on WordPress. Ron tends to plan things beforehand, while I tend to “shoot from the hip.” Gonna search for your haiku—I dabble in it, too! You are welcome any time…at either of “my” blogs!


  4. Hi Betty,

    what a pleasure to find your blog and I think it’s wonderful to see someone who’s truly dedicated to something especially an art like poetry. My sister is a poet too and she’s always welcome poets who wants to share their works in her blog : mypoetcard.tumblr.com

    I will surely tell her to check your blog today! Keep up the great pieces flowing and #100prcentLOVE from Bali




  5. I enjoyed your 50 reasons, but WordPress wouldn’t let me post my comment there. So, here it is:

    I think your list is really fine
    Of foibles that are yours and mine
    But I must ask about one line:
    Do we really rhyme
    All the time?


    • positively, but I consider it a victimless crime :) I will have to check and see if I have some kind of limit set on comments after a certain amount of time. Thank you for the heads up.


  6. Hi and thank you for sharing your haiku and photographs. I have just started to discover this form of poetry. I have posted a few haiku and images on my website. I find it a very interesting concept and your site has helped me.


  7. Fabulous about page. I love your poetry. I also try to write every day (impossible some days, but I try) and I have found myself improving. So is my typing. LOL I hope to continue to grow. I will come back and read some more soon. Warmly, Brenda


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