Through The Glass Darkly

January 6, 2021

Still rewriting, but I’m doing it here because if I don’t, I will get sucked into the hulu/Netflix/OMG THE NEWS IS INSANE ZONE

And yes I get all my news and weather from customers before I get off work 

Ode to the wayward blueberries


As the blueberries spilled onto the floor, I thought, oh how the lost run free. Into the wild rushing as if they were fearless, no risks, or it doesn’t matter because if it’s all fixed anyway remember, thinking maybe we can change the world.

But that is not what happened, the world changed you, squashed flat, and not even your stain remains. But the soldiers death does not stop you. Tomorrow you will be back with new recruits and this time perhaps you will breakthrough.

You need to stop, but we both know you can’t do that. Can you?


And your memory lingers in every generation lost, spilling underfoot and crushed.


Lost to time


And then what 


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