Through The Glass Darkly

January 4, 2021

This is the end

If this is it, and it could be, I am not going out yelling at someone about a mask. I’ve tried to explain to people that we wear a mask to protect other people, but either they do not understand or they just do not care. They just say, “well it’s in Gods hands,”or “I’m not worried about it.” (So you are not worried about about protecting other people, or God will protect them, not your problem, it was their time). That is what is so disturbing. The lack of consideration for people who may be at risk. Then there is the hoarding, so there is nothing I can say, and honestly I’ve come to the conclusion it doesn’t matter. The masks and the hoarding have become just another thing to get angry about in a very angry world. I’m just letting it go. This is the end of everything we knew before. New Year, New World. Let’s see what happens.

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