Through The Glass Darkly

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Day 30 Let's write a stupid book #writerslife

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Day 30



Once upon a time, in a neighborhood far away, a hero was born. He was strong and brave and good looking,  because that’s important. Right? Anywho… one day he was out saving a kitten from a tree when when he looked down and saw a gay parade. So he sat there and watched,  because it was the best seat in the house and he had such a great parking place. When it was over he went home and put all the pictures on Facebook, because that is what you do after a parade. You don’t pray them away or love them out or give them conversion therapy.  You just let them be and go on your way. Okay he was a fairly boring hero, but the world needs a few more boring hero’s.  Who save the day when they are needed and go home and eat cake when people are not needed. Then everyone lived happily ever after. The end.


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