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Through The Glass Darkly

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Day 9 Let's write a stupid book

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Day 9

Marjorie Tinklebaumb

Less is less (the first draft)

*remember; it doesn’t have to be good or even interesting

After years of walking by books about minimalism….

“It’s just stuff.” That is what she kept telling herself as she stared helplessly at her room. It was easy to get lost in all the memories. All the plans, projects, all the emotional investments that all the crap represented, but she wanted to start over and she wanted to walk in her room. So she took a deep breath and began….

She closed her eyes and imagined what she wanted her life to look like. It did not include tripping on all this crap. It did not include sleeping on this crappy mattress. It did not include sleeping on the crumbs of whatever her daughter had eaten while she was at work. It did not include running from fire to fire to keep up with … well, every little thing. It was not this.

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