Apocalypse day twenty eight

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Apocalypse day twenty eight

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Apocalypse day twenty eight

Why did I start this? Oh yes, it’s easy enough to complain it has never been worse.  But we all know it has. Well maybe we don’t all know.  I never lived through slavery or the plague or the cultural revolution or ….

There is a war, but it is so far away.  There are refugees attempting to get away from the conflict right now. And I’m just sitting here, writing a blog wishing I could stop all this swirling paranoia and hate. Dreaming and praying that perhaps one positive word or action could make a difference in one person’s life, then they would make one positive difference and so on and so on ….


One thought on “Apocalypse day twenty eight

  1. That is the struggle isn’t it. I go back and forth between trying to ignore it (which I am rarely actually able to do) and trying to figure out in what small way I can make a difference.

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