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Apocalypse day fifteen

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Apocalypse day fifteen

Forgive and Forget

As it turns out, I’m going to forget …

A friend once said, “I can’t believe you could forgive him.” And I told him, “you know, it was actually liberating.  I don’t have to carry that hate and shame and anger anymore.” I think he was actually disappointed.  That’s when I remembered all the people who abandoned me when I told everyone what had happened.  All the people who said they would have helped and then scrambled before I actually could.  So forgiveness is a thread that as it unravels reveals more than much more than you expect.

Of course, that doesn’t make it easier.  It makes it harder and that is what makes you stronger. Not just strong enough to forgive the big things, but the small things. And there are so many small things. All theses things big and small that bind you and drag you down.

The rewards though are learning you deserve to put down that burden.

And yes, I’m talking to myself.   I seem to forget daily.


2 thoughts on “Apocalypse day fifteen

  1. kingmidget says:

    Sometimes I read something somebody writes and wonder if the person is living in my head. This is one of those times. And as usual, I think to myself “I wish I could have said it that way.” Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you : )


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