Through The Glass Darkly

Apocalypse day seven


“To meditate well, we have to smile, a lot… I always say that a smile can be a practice, a kind of yoga practice. Yoga of the mouth: you just smile even if you don’t feel joy and you’ll see after you smile that you’ll feel differently. Sometimes the mind takes the initiative and sometimes you have to allow the body to take the initiative.Sometimes the spirit leads, and sometimes the body can lead.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve heard it’s all in the breath. You can meditate anywhere by concentrating on your breath. Prayer has always been easy for me. Prayer is talking to God, and I can talk all day and I usually do. Meditation is different and I’m not completely sure what it is yet. I’ve heard it changes your life, especially your prayer life. So that is what I have committed to do during this time. And because we live in such an angry world I have committed to smiling meditation. I want to see if one person’s influence can have any effect. Well I guess I’ll see or maybe it’s impossible to see your own impact fully. Especially a smile.  I know a smile can change my mood, but I can’t help believing a smile can travel the world as fast as a grain of sand in the wind. If a smile can change the world, and I think it can, isn’t it worth a try?

One thought on “Apocalypse day seven

  1. kingmidget says:

    I don’t believe in God, so I don’t pray in the religious sense. And, the reality is that my mind is so frenetic these days that I don’t pray in my own way very much these days. And, the reality is that my mind is so frenetic these days (work, family, life, stress, exhaustion, frustration, you name it, there’s a reason for this) that I also don’t meditate. But there have been a few moments in time where I have tried meditation and the last round of effort went pretty well. I learned a few secrets to the concept and it seemed to work. There are many ways to meditate. I think the idea of focusing on … just the breath … is a good way to start.

    Thank you for this post … it reminds me that I need to do this. In the stressful moments of my life. In the quiet moments. Breath. Focus. Breath. Focus. Find some peace. Breath.

    Thank you.


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