Through The Glass Darkly

Apocalypse day five

Fear. Never underestimate fear. Then again never underestimated hope and love.

I have heard people blame wars and violence  on religion or hate or greed, when fear is behind all that and more. How many elections have been won or lost  because of fear. As hopeless and angry as you may feel, hope and love are the only things that stop fear and hate. Protest and resist governments, but relatives and neighbors deserve compassion and consideration. Explain your positions and opinions, or just listen and ask questions.  Everyone thinks they are right, but why does being right mean it’s okay to hate and scream and judge and force your opinion on everyone else. Did that ever help you when you were wrong?

5 thoughts on “Apocalypse day five

  1. kingmidget says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. Two extremists sides of the same coin who are so terrified they are wrong that they convince themselves they are incapable of being wrong and then act with the arrogance that comes along with it.

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    1. True, but I’m hopeful we can all learn from each other if some of us can keep our heads above the


      1. rhetoric and listen.


      2. kingmidget says:

        I try to hold on to that hope, but I’m losing touch with it.


      3. I’m always surprised how long the last bit of hope lasts. It always reminds me of the O’Henry story the last leaf.


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