Through The Glass Darkly

Day one of Apocalypse

To do:

  • Mediation
  • Yoga
  • Clean house
  • Watch Inauguration
  • Pray for peace
  • Cross fingers for peace
  • Learn kung fu because I always wanted to learn, so I better start now, since  there probably won’t be peace because America just elected a spoiled 12 year old for President.

Day 1

Well it’s starting harmless enough for me. I have no protests to attend. I am not a protester. I am a pray for peace- er. A negotiator for the win-win. And for now I am a wait and see-er, lets what happens as opposed to “He is gonnna…… blah blah blah it’s the end of the world as we know it.”

We don’t know what he is going to do. So lets just relax. This is still a democracy. We still have the right to protest. We still have free speach. We can still vote and more importantly, we can become informed and run for public office. Or just start a campaign to talk Elizabeth Warren into running.

One thing I have learned from this election is that it’s rough out there. We live in a cold cruel world. The one one thing we do not need is four more years of condescending hyper critical political scare mongering. It’s tearing this country apart. It is possible to disagree respectfully if you pretend you are speaking to a human being with feelings who may not have the infinite knowledge of the universe at their fingertips and may in fact have information or life experiences beyond your own.

So for these reasons I have decided to try to follow a less cruel and intentionally more mindful path. I have become a vegan and I have taken a vow to be less of a butt hole to people I think are probably thoughtless rascist idiots.

We are all trying. We do not all have all the information, and being condescending and disrespectful not only perpetuates the division, but maintains this never ending cycle of us and them.

That doesn’t mean I’m okay with this reality star misogynistic angry racist as president, because that will never be ok.

And I am not making excuses for the people who voted for him. It is possible to not even know you are racist, and I even know women who have been brainwashed into believing that feminism is bad, because feminists just want to run out and get abortions, emasculate men and tear families apart.

I am saying that we got the superficial click bait driven all American easy peasy one size fits all remedy for all your ails excuse for a President we deserved. We live in a culture where fame and money are valued above all else, where being called an intelectual is an insult and the most unforgivable thing you can be is  fat, ugly or poor.

I know my tone is abrasive and I’m as superficial and fearful as the next person.

I am not letting myself off the hook because I voted for Hillary.  I am just as responsible for the angry tide that is washing over our country, and if you were short tempered with someone today or gossiped maliciously or let anger and contempt slither it’s ugly way into your heart you know why. It’s ugly out there and love is the only answer.  I think…


It’s worth a try.




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