Through The Glass Darkly

Roses are red
And Violets are blue
I want nothing to do with you

You’ve made your bed
We are through
I hate you more than gum on my shoe

I know what you’re thinking …
That can’t be said
I have no idea what goes on in that crazy ass head

I’m sure your apology is sincere
We will keep on going
Just out of your fear

That roses are red
And Violets are blue
And I’m the best that you can do

But in the meantime
Until the kids are grown
I want a kitten or a puppy

9 thoughts on “I want a kitten, or a puppy or a divorce

  1. t smith knowles says:

    well…what more can be said….


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Like this! But settling is not the best that YOU can do! Why not get the puppy and a new, happier life?????


    1. I think that I agree with you :-)


  3. kingmidget says:

    Gawd. Can’t imagine how much this hits home for me.


    1. I know! kittens and puppy’s are awesome :-)


  4. bwcarey says:

    great sense of humour, you should ask for a new TV as well, amen


    1. You can’t cuddle a tv :-)


      1. bwcarey says:

        no you can’t, but you can rekindle great memories though, have a great day


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