Through The Glass Darkly

NaPoWriMo Notebook

Dear Miss D,


You have achieved your goal.  You shook your fist and the world fell in step.  How powerful that must feel.

When you enter a room everyone stops talking, even though they were not talking about you.  Of course they are when you leave the room.  How cool is that!

I think it is genius to point out the faults of other so no one notices yours.

And the way everyone runs to get out of your way, and even makes more mistakes because they are nervous about making mistakes in front of you.  I bet you are a blast at parties.

Of course I have never been cool enough to attend a party you have been at but, …. I can dream.

Everywhere you go people run like cockroaches in the light, tripping over their own feet to get out of the way.

Ahh, yes.  Delightful

Hugs and Kisses,

Betty G

2 thoughts on “Dear Miss D,

  1. words4jp says:

    Do I note a hint of sarcasm?


    1. A little bit :)


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