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Through The Glass Darkly

12 thoughts on “Bedroom window #167

  1. Bastet says:

    Thank heaven’s for Mondays otherwise we wouldn’t have a day of complaint :-) !


  2. I can see how, that Sunday of shade under the tree was made for a whole weekend of repose


  3. Definitely blame it on Monday – even if it’s Tuesday!! :D


    1. yea verily :)


  4. Yoshiko says:

    Poor Monday for being blamed


    1. Its okay, Mondays a rebel :)


      1. Yoshiko says:

        In fact, I love Monday :-)


  5. sboonlondon says:

    You seem to be blessed with good weather a fair bit! I wish my bedroom window view looked like that.


    1. I wish London was my bedroom view :)


      1. sboonlondon says:

        As do I, currently at Uni and my view is the garden of England – Kent. Nothing beats the hustle and bustle!


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