Through The Glass Darkly

6 thoughts on “Bedroom window #139

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    If it’s there, we don’t hear it. Perhaps not there?


    1. It is there, but sometime we have to take the time to listen. :)


  2. rixbitz says:

    What are the rules for haiku? (Sure, I could look it up on Wikipedia but I’d rather have you explain it.) After all, you’re a practitioner of the art and a very nimble one at that (if previous posts are any indication).


    1. Ahh thank you. :)
      · It consists of three lines, that use 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.
      · It references 2 elements (this is the essence or cutting of the Haiku).
      · And there is a seasonal reference
      But the haiku police are pretty cool, so rules can be altered. I wrote an article about it on Hub pages.


  3. Leo says:

    Beautiful picture


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