Through The Glass Darkly

10 thoughts on “Bedroom window #134

  1. j4n says:

    Salad & Wine!


  2. Delicious yellow flowers who are willing to dance for you at no cost.


    1. Yes! Beautiful. :)


      1. Thank you :)


  3. Leo says:

    Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Take care, hugs.


  4. djderdiger says:

    Amazing medicine tread under foot, hacked down by blades, and choked by herbicides.


    1. Yes. Dandelions are useful and yet maligned because someone decided what is common is not valuable. :(


  5. gwennonr says:

    What an exquisitely beautiful poem! And all the comments are right on. Has anyone else noticed this or just me? : In all the weed commercials, the men trying to kill the dandelions are usually always bald. The dandelions contain nutrients that repel and sometimes reverse baldness. I think subconsciously, we may know this but suppress it. I love dandelions and tell my children that they are very valuable.


    1. Ahh that is funny. The weed killers are probably making additional problems, not to mention stressing out about weeds. No wonder they are bald. :)


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