Through The Glass Darkly

9 thoughts on “Bedroom window #120

  1. Rick Stassi says:

    Such is life, sometimes. Yes?


  2. yes, definitely!


  3. Bastet says:

    Only say like because the poem is very nice….but the weather…oh well, it will change.


  4. bbylois says:

    Nice expressed to realize that everything we do has an effect on us an others , subtle or severe , hopeful and meaningless . The image is representing for me , only the “rain will be soon here” .


    1. yes there will always be rain, but then there will be the Sun.


      1. bbylois says:

        It’s good to face the rain sometime to appreciate the sun afterwards. Although some clouds I prefer more to face i instead the rain . I assume that’s life . We are not able to decide ‘clouds’ or ‘rain’ moments .


  5. Leo says:

    Rain … I miss the rain


    1. I love watching the rain :)


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