Through The Glass Darkly

NaPoWriMo Notebook
Dear You know who:

I wish I could write you or call you and tell you how much you hurt me, but I won’t,  Because you would ignore it and all my voice messages and emails would become a joke.

I wish you knew how I felt, but you won’t because you don’t acknowledge my feelings at all.

I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt anymore.

So I am walking away.  I wonder how long it will take you to notice.  If you do, I will say “Oh someone must have hacked my facebook page, I noticed my friend count went down about 20 but I did not notice you were gone.”  Because that is what hackers do, cut facebook friends instead of um ….. I don’t know trying to find credit card numbers or something, Oh…. Crazy hackers.

But lets face it, you won’t.

And my heart will grow a little more calloused or …

Maybe it won’t.  Maybe I will go on living and heal.  You will never know.

One thing I know is, you will never know how much you hurt me, because I will never send this.  You will never know what a horrible person you are until someone who means more to you then I did tells you.  Probably allot of other people.

So there you have it.  Sometimes the best revenge is letting someone live out the rest of their life not knowing why everyone hates them.

Hugs and Kisses,

Betty G

9 thoughts on “The Letter Not Sent

  1. bbylois says:

    ‘Hugs and Kisses’ that made it very powerful


  2. eldinsmille says:

    Is this a story or “real” thing?


    1. Real. unfortunately life is like that sometimes.


  3. hellomimosa says:

    you’re much better than me. my words from that realm can never be kept to myself.


    1. I have said many words I regret in my life. That is how I learned this lesson.


  4. elorayne says:

    Walking away is often the best route, especially on that cursed “high road.” Never easy though, but eventually you’ll feel better being free… If this were for real, that is.


    1. Oh, It has been real a few times, : )


  5. Heartafire says:

    You really nailed it with this one!


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