A Writer's Journal

Through The Glass Darkly



Indiana Spring

Bare limbs searching blue sky

Winter melts away


It’s Today! It’s Today!

I will be releasing my first poetry chapbook titled “and this happens:”


Now even!


 It has been released exclusively as an e-book,

published by Apples and Pears Press.

A free sample is available below

and this happens: by Betty Generic

and in the drop down menu under About Betty.

16 thoughts on “Bedroom window #95

  1. luranabrown says:

    I love this Indiana spring imagery and wish you much congratulations and success with your publication!! :-)


  2. Red says:

    How exciting! All the best and may you acquire many new readers! :)


  3. All the best Betty! Bare limbs searching the sky.. quite a line there… visual treat!


  4. Yay! Congratulations on the book. You’re published! *jealous* =)


  5. pishnguyen says:

    A big welcome to Spring — although my allergies are killing me right now. And congrats on the release of your book! That is so exciting, and you must be thrilled. I hope it sells many, many copies!


  6. Pam says:

    Congratulations! I wish you all the best.


  7. masterbias says:

    What’s a “chapbook”? Yeah, I could look it up on the internet, but that seems boring. (I mean “generic”).


    1. It is a small book. In this case a small book of haiku and free verse poetry. That is why I am selling it for the price of a single on itunes, that seems fair, I mean un-biased. : )


      1. masterbias says:

        Yes, completely. :-)

        I’ll have to see if my smartphone has a kindle app. I’ve never purchased an e-book before.

        I could see something like this being put out in super limited quantities as a handmade book with the help of someone like http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewinterentertainmentsclub/ Jill Wignall (England) Well.. I think it would be cool anyway.


      2. Thank you. I appreciate that. I am actually having a free giveaway starting tomorrow through March 30. That would be a great time to experiment with a new app. There are actually allot of free books available on the kindle. : )


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