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Through The Glass Darkly

Why is it so hard for a writer to write a bio?

When I wrote “Oh you know me,” that was me procrastinating writing about me until I thought of something to write.  I still have not.  I thought I will wait until I have some great accomplishment to write about.  I still have not.  This is a work in progress.  My dream is to be a writer and publisher.  I published my first book for J.D. King in November of 2012.  I then began learning everything I can about publishing and promotion.  Specifically e-publishing.  It has been an overwhelming experience.  I love it.  My dream is to publish many authors in all Genres, but for now I am concentrating on poetry, because I believe in order to excel in something you have to study it and become an expert in it.  The best way to do that is to do one thing at a time.

I have allot to learn.

I began writing this blog in December of 2012.  Since beginning this blog I have practiced writing everyday.  I write at least one haiku daily for this blog, but I try to write more.  Sometimes just that one haiku has been a struggle, but I am a better, more disciplined writer through this practice.  I also think some of being a writer is just writing.  Your a writer, Write.  I also think part of being a writer is presenting your work with flaws and all.  No one is perfect and if you are waiting for perfection, you may never accomplish anything.  So I am putting my work out there everyday with flaws and it doesn’t really bother me.  I am okay with it.

I also think part of being a writer is performing your work, and March 22, 2013 I will be attending a slam poetry workshop.

I will also be releasing a poetry chapbook on March 22, 2013.

I look forward to updating my bio after that.

I want to thank everyone that has encouraged me here on WordPress.  I have never in my life encountered such a supportive and inspiring group of people.  I really love being part of this community of bloggers.

Thank you,

Betty Generic

10 thoughts on “A little about me…

  1. socialbridge says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and just love your daily haiku and the pics.
    It’s clear that writing is your passion and it is also clear that you have oodles of talent. So many other people with a zillionth of your ability would be ranting about how wonderful they are. But you’re at the other extreme ~ holding back for the ‘BIG DAY’ to arrive.
    For what it’s worth, I think you are in that day! The sociologist in me would love to know more about the YOU behind the writer ~ how I wish I could interview you and write a piece about this blogger on the other side of the world who brightens my days and inspires me with strong photographs and words about a place that is thousands of miles from my Ireland.
    I agree that the blogging world is an amazing place and you are one of those amazing people I’ve encountered in it.
    Thanks again.


    1. I would really love that. I will send you my email. It would be incredibly helpful. : )


      1. socialbridge says:

        Brilliant. I’d be delighted. I’m at jeantubridy@aol.com.


  2. djderdiger says:

    Have fun at the slam workshop! I have really enjoy your daily posts. Your format is the inspiration for the format of my .


    1. wow Thank you! That is cool! : ) I love the idea that you are consciously creating yourself and not just reacting to what the world throws at you. That is what I am attempting to do.


  3. masterbias says:

    I just barely started following your blog and want to thank you for expanding on your bio. It reminded me of a poem by Marge Piercy. Here is a link to it: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/176837


    1. Thank you for following and thank you for the link. It is nice to hear I reminded you of someone so talented, and she is also a publisher. : )


  4. Now I know you better :)


  5. Yoshiko says:

    Betty, great to get to know you better :-)


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