Through The Glass Darkly

9 thoughts on “Bedroom window #79

  1. I love the sky in this one – so vast, so evanent (sic – I just made it up, ‘non-specificpotentialitytohappen’)


    1. I like evanent. I will use it tomorrow. Thank you : )


    2. I forgot to used (evanent)it. I am going to use it in #85


  2. I don’t want winter to die. I love spring but summer is so difficult.


    1. I think we have a couple more weeks. I agree with you on summer, but it is not too rough here in Indiana. Fall is actually my favorite. : )


  3. pishnguyen says:

    Yep! Looks like Winter is having one last “hurrah”.


  4. geezergirl1 says:

    very nice.. and I’m ready for winter to shed all it’s white and give in to green.


    1. Thank you. yes, I am ready for spring.


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