Through The Glass Darkly

5 thoughts on “Bedroom window #77

  1. Not a comment (and definitely not spam), but to let you know you happened to be the 100th follower on my blog (The Life Poetic). To commemorate the occasion, I’d like to send you (free of charge) a set of five postcards with images of some of my favorite poets from woodblock prints that I carved and handprinted, then copied and printed out on postcard stock. If you want to choose the five postcards, then you can view them on my poetry shop at If you would like to receive the set, please include a mailing address where I can send them along with your choice of 5 poets available.



    1. Wow Thank you. I will send you a message through Etsy. I have an Etsy shop too. It is


  2. Insightful. Our days blow pass like the wind but each is unique in it’s own way. You expressed this very well in a beautiful Haiku.


    1. Thank you. I think I am learning more than just haiku writing. I am learning to be in tune with moments around me.


  3. Yoshiko says:

    That’s why I keep a diary to record in case of failing memories :-)


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