The storm

Part 1

The angry clouds stir for the storm
Vents release
I watch the thunder with awe
What will be torn away?
What will remain?
In the wind twisting rotting limbs
Empty buildings boarded up for the storm
Ripped open and
Left behind to be studied by anthropologist and poets
I know what the poet would say
This is happens when the world spins and spins and spins
And someone yells


Everywhere knows
Someone like you
Someone like me
or a few


Everywhere has been
Someone like you
Someone like me
Wondering through


Under the stars
Indifferent to me
And watchful of you


All of us
Everyone knew
As rare as we are
The near and the far

I want a kitten, or a puppy or a divorce

Roses are red
And Violets are blue
I want nothing to do with you

You’ve made your bed
We are through
I hate you more than gum on my shoe

I know what you’re thinking …
That can’t be said
I have no idea what goes on in that crazy ass head

I’m sure your apology is sincere
We will keep on going
Just out of your fear

That roses are red
And Violets are blue
And I’m the best that you can do

But in the meantime
Until the kids are grown
I want a kitten or a puppy

Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Serial Killer III

Lost and Found

1. Your right to wrong
2. The dream hidden
3. The nightmare no one hears
4. Believing everything is possible for someone else
5. Unknown resistance
6. Morning lists
7. Here and now
8. Free will
9. None of the above
10. Never speak the secret

Then …

Just when you have it all figured out, it will fall apart
And you don’t even care
Stay in bed until noon
Skip the funeral for ice cream
It isn’t that bad

The trick is to disappear when no one is looking
It’s easy
Cover your eyes
And disappear

forget to call back

Forgive and forget to hate them forever

Watch the river twist and turn over
Carrying the past away

Sometimes running into an old friend feels exactly like running into an old enemy. And sometimes running into an old enemy feels like running into an old friend, because things just change, or just because.

The trick
Is to not overthink the obvious
Sometimes the secret fear is real and it doesn’t even matter

Turns out
being a princess is overrated